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We use a structured approach to generate cost-effective solutions.

  • Assessment  "Where you are" -  First we examine your business and market requirements, identify business strategies, define clear deliverables and analyze the measures of success.

  • Planning "Where you want to be"  - The next step is to determine the requirements for change, re-design the business process and write a clearly defined strategic plan of action.

  • Development "Getting there" - Upon approval of the strategic plan, we'll document the resources and activities needed and then proceed with the re-design process. Regular structured meetings (daily/weekly) keep the project team informed and motivated, and are essential for quality, schedule and budgetary control.

  • Implementation "Making it happen" - Once tested and approved by multiple levels of quality control processes, the end product is then rolled out in a structured and disciplined manner so as to ensure a smooth and efficient transition.

  • Maintenance "How do we keep it running" - Upon implementing a successful project, IDMS will recommend a maintenance strategy on periodic processes that need to be in place to ensure data integrity and security. For applications developed by IDMS, we would also offer a maintenance package, should the client so request.

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